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Doylestown Escape Room

Escape Room Opens At Doylestown Inn

Think you and your friends can figure out the puzzle to escape the room in under an hour?

It seems interactive fun such as go carts, mini golf, batting cages, and others are going the way of the dodo as a new activity is sweeping the nation and Doylestown is riding the wave.

Ohio native and newcomer to Doylestown Heather Dugan recently opened Doylestown Escape Room – an interactive experience that tasks a group of people with solving puzzles over the course of an hour to escape a locked room.

The escape room is located in the historic Doylestown Inn at 8 W. State St., Doylestown.

“I was on such a high after going through that,” Dugan said of her first experience with an escape room in Texas. “It was something totally different to do with family and friends. I absolutely loved the rush I got by the challenge of solving puzzles and uncovering clues while the clock was ticking. I immediately realized that I needed to introduce my friends and neighbors to such a fun adventure!”

Escape rooms are spreading across the country and were inspired by point and click video games that tasked players with the same goal. The experience can be brain busting but teamwork and thinking outside the box are key in solving all the rooms' puzzles.

The Doylestown Escape Room's theme is "Dead End Alley" and is based on cable TV murder mystery shows.

After watching a short video, players get locked in the room and try to solve the puzzles and complete challenges to get a “hostage” out. There is progressive pressure as the hour starts running out. An antique payphone rings with a message and the lighting changes, which heightens the drama.

Dugan said the fastest team to escape, a group of 10 women who work together, did it in under 28 minutes with no hints.Patch Morning Briefing: 

The room can be booked for 2 to 12 people. Kids 8 years of age or older with their families are allowed, but the youngest groups need to be made up of players who are at least 15 years old.

The cost is $25 - $30 per person, or $200 for The Big Game, Private Room.

The Escape Room is open seven days a week by appointment via the scheduler on the website.

“It’s both an ‘escape’ and entertainment and our customers get the thrill of living a mystery adventure. They also feel a tremendous sense of bonding and happiness and learn a few things about themselves,” Dugan said.

Dugan is building another room with another storyline inside The Doylestown Inn, which will be announced in early 2017.

Visit the Doylestown Escape Room website for more information.

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